This webpage includes:

1. The full English exhibit both in poster and presentation form
2. The present and ongoing translation of the exhibit
3. The short history and the list of those responsible for assembling the original electronic exhibit.




Can you name one thing in your daily life, which is not the result of chemical developments? Unfortunately, chemistry does not get recognition for its contributions, making our life better, more convenient and pleasurable.




The decline of the public image of chemistry influences the life of everyone. It decreases public support for chemical research both in Academe and Industry and thus delaying newer developments. To show the public in no scientific form what chemistry contributed to the improvement of their life, in 2001 the American Chemical Society assembled an electronic exhibit titled “Technology Milestones in Chemistry” describing chemistry’s contributions in four areas: Energy & Transportation, Communication & Information, Health & Medicine, and Food & Agriculture. This was consequently converted to an exhibit of 32 colorful posters. Since the public image of chemistry has worldwide importance, these posters are being translated to many languages. They can be freely downloaded and used fully or partially for this purpose. As a courtesy, please, give credit to Professor Veronika Nemeth and graduate student Nora Rideg of the University of Szeged, Hungary who made conversion to posters possible.

The arrangement of the exhibit is in Power Point form in two ways. One is composed of 32 posters, which can be printed out in any size. They are grouped by the four topics mentioned above, listing first the general importance and the chronology then followed with the individual developments, generally 3-4 of them to a page. The other is four Power Point presentations on this topics. The English version is available in both forms. However, some of the translations are so far only in format, generally the posters. Using the English version, however, the other versions can be easily prepared. Contact me if you need help.